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Heads up these blogs will be for common genuine people…..

Well here I am writing my Blog post, for awhile I’ve been wanting to do this I just never really knew how to start it off, because you see when you 16 no one really ever listens to hear. I mean how am I meant to write a blog post with no one wanted to read it? but then I thought myself write it for you to read it because then someone out there will want to read it and it may even help them and that’s all I really want to do. People always say write blogs on what inspire and you are what are important to you so I guess that’s what I’m gonna do from now on I mean what could go wrong?

Not only this but these blogs will be the truth and also affordable for teenagers/older people that are not looking for expensive extravagant ways to help them but more common and truthful ways. These blogs are just going to be down to earth real things and real tips and tricks that can help you through everything.

So here are a couple things my blogs are going to be about:

  • life
  • Beauty
  • fashion
  • Photography
  • Travel


Travel blogs will not just be about extravagant places over on private island but how you can get the most and feel at peace right outside your front door for example I’ll be showing you how even though I am from around Halifax there are still gorgeous paces you can find that will just make is just make you gather your surroundings and feel at one. These blogs will be about how you just need to get out and enjoy your surroundings.


My photography blogs will just be the way I express my feelings through photography and art, I just really hope you enjoy it. It’s a way of seeing how people express themselves through art.


My life blogs will be about my life in general how am dealing with things and how maybe the things I’ve done to get myself through some of the things I’ve been through could help you and what you’re going through.


My beauty blogs will be about all the tricks on how to make make up look immaculate, on my journey with skin and how it affected me and how overcome it, and my ways of making my skin look healthier, glow more and how I get rid of blemishes, get rid of it you know all the normal stuff that everyone gets. I will I helping you through what we all battle with on a daily basis, it will also be about how got my hair finally looking shiny and healthy compared to how it used to be . Not only that I will share with you all the home remedies I’ve come across and have been successful.